Customer Testimonials

Our previous customers have alot to say about their experiences with Barden Home Builders. We invite you to read through the following client testimonials.

We worked with Barden Home Builders to get an understanding of what they could do for us prior to submitting a request for a quote for our custom decking and walkways. Barden Home Builders finished the job on time. We found Barden Home Builders to be very trust worthy and helpful offering design changes improving the looks and usefulness of the decking. They took a lot of pride in there selection of the lumber they used and the way they used it insuring the project would be acceptable not only to us but all others that would be seeing and using it. After completing the project Barden Home Builders removed all debris and left the yard as it was when they showed up to start the project. The entire Barden Home Builders crew was very courteous, pleasant and was not obnoxious in any way. We are extremely pleased with Barden Home Builders and urge anyone looking for a contractor that can help with large or small projects to give them a call. We have already requested other quotes from Barden Home Builders to finish the inside of our new office and to build a 26 x 30 foot garage. We are looking forward to working with Barden Home Builders again in the very near future and have offered our name as a job reference.

Bob & Judi Grinnell

Our project consisted of putting a large two-story addition onto our home. It basically doubled the size of our square footage. The general contractor, Aaron Richards, was the most professional/honest general I have encountered. He maintained a positive and respectful working relationship with his team of workers, as well as with us. He showed a strong desire to ensure that we, as the homeowners, were happy with our end result. The addition is fabulous! We were so thrilled with the outcome, we signed a new contract to install windows and siding to the rest of the house. Absolutely recommend!

Chuck & Lauren Bain

Excellent Service/Very Professional. What a Pleasure to do business with.

Paul Ceiro

They were always here when they said they would be and were respectful, friendly, and thoughtful. They do quality work, and for being young adults I felt they had an exceptional work ethic. The only negative was that the time frame for completion was way off, but some of this had to do with other contractors hired. I would highly recommend this company as they are honest and trustworthy, and unlike so many others today, seem to care about their reputation.

Jan Jones

Did a major addition for me. Completely resided my house with hardy plank. Did completely new trim and soffits. He framed new home for me and did a good job!

Steve Gustafson

On a scale of 1-10, we rate Barden Home Builders punctuality, work ethic and quality of construction work completed a 10. We are satisfied in all respects.

Robert & Elizabeth MacDonald

I enjoyed everyone working on my house with Barden Home Builders, they are always professional and courteous, no matter what the size of the project.

The estimates are very clear, so there is no misunderstanding between the home owner and Barden Home Builders. I really like having what is covered, and what is not covered spelled out.

I dont know of any other construction company in town that does an annual customer satisfaction survey. It is obvious that Barden Home Builders cares about customer service.

Sally Evans

We never had any problems with employees from Barden Home Builders, they are all a pleasure to work with. Our experience with Barden Home Builders was very pleasant. We got to know the crew very well. They were great with the children and always willing to explain things to them, and having them help at times. The children loved the Barden Home Builders crew. Their work was excellent and they were always willing to go the extra mile. The crew worked well as a team and always did a great job. Thanks for the excellent job and keep up the great work you do!!

Steve & Sylvia Blanchard

On a scale of 1-10, we rate Barden Home Builders quality of construction work completed a 10. We never had any problems with any of the crew. Barden Home Builders re-sided our home and replaced an exterior door and frame. The project was completed on schedule, on budget and the quality of the work was truly exceptional. They arrive on time, clean up after themselves and stand solidly behind their work. I look forward to working with them on the next phase of our rennovation and recommend them unequivocally.

Mike & Linda Donaldson

This letter is both a reference for the work that your company completed on the remodel of our kitchen and a letter of thanks for the exceptional work performed.

As you are aware, we went out to bid for the total remodel of our kitchen. The scope of work entailed: demolition of the old kitchen area, a structural change to the floor plan to allow for additional cabinets, elevating the flooring in order to have the kitchen on one level, installing new cabinets and hardwood flooring, rewiring for new lighting, plumbing and electrical work to accommodate the change in the floor, installing new appliances, tiling the backsplash and painting. In addition, you completed a custom railing project, replacing stair rails throughout the house.

While your company wasn't the lowest bid, we selected your company because of your thorough analysis of our existing kitchen and options to achieve our dream kitchen. You impressed us with your communication prior to our final selection by staying in contact with us and providing several construction options. In short, we felt most comfortable with your company after meeting with you and speaking to your references. In the course of our 30+ years of marriage, this was our 3rd kitchen remodel so we we're not novices to the challenges of a remodel. We were very appreciative of your communication throughout the project, with daily contact to inform us of what was to take place that day and during the week. We also greatly appreciated that your team completed the work on time and on budget. But most of all, we could not be more satisfied with the level of craftsmanship that you and your team put into our kitchen. Our kitchen is exactly as we dreamed!

Barden Home Builders is our team of choice. In our experience, it has been very difficult to find good general contractors in the Flagstaff market. We no longer have that problem. We can't be more pleased and will utilize your services for any future work we have. We invite any of your potential customers to call us and to come see our kitchen if they want to see the quality work that you did.

James & Carol McFadden

I wanted to say how astounded my wife Deb and I were when we inspected the final job. In Deb's words, we thought it was 'a work of art'. You showed excellent taste and design skill in the way you planned out the construction. After that. your actual construction techniques led to an extraordinarily solid, enduring structure.. surely it will outlast the house itself!

You were quick and thorough in all of our communications about the job both before commencing construction and during it as well. We are completely happy with the final product and with working with you from beginning to end we will heartily recommend your work to anyone anytime we get the chance. Our best to you.

John & Deb Reich

In December 2006, my wife and I purchased an old home on the Continental Golf Course in Flagstaff, Arizona. We obviously knew the home was old and needed some remodeling and upgrading but we had no idea about the extent of remodeling that we would eventually do. However, after we closed on the home, we decided that we would only do some remodeling that would fit within a defined budget and therefore we needed to hire a contractor that could do the work according to our schedule and within our budget.

In early January 2007, my wife was having her hair done at Aaron Richard's wife's beauty salon in Flagstaff. I had no idea who Aaron was but my wife said that he was a young carpenter that was just starting out in his business. I always respected the energy and ability of young people especially ones that were not only eager to do good work but also to grow their businesses. I contacted Aaron and asked him to come over to the house and we would look at what we thought we might do within the budget and according to my tight schedule. He came by the same afternoon. This heightened my belief that he might bethe right guy for the job. I am a civil engineer and have been in the design and construction business for over 35 years and had some ideas on what was required for this job and the type of person/firm I wanted.

After meeting Aaron, I knew he could do the job and that he would not only provide me with a fair price but also good quality work. We both sat down on the empty living room floor and starting make up a "wish list" of things to do that might improve the look of the house from the 1970's look to a more modern day appearance. We were relatively happy with the outside and so we were concentrating more on the inside at the time. Aaron had great ideas and we scribbled them down on a sheet of paper, drinking beer, and laughing all the way through what we might do and what it might eventually look like. I agreed the same day to contract with Aaron's firm, Barden Home Builders, and asked him to get started as soon as possible. We agreed that I would purchase most of the material and he would provide the construction teamand all of the sub contractors. He would provide overall supervision. He would keep time sheets of all of construction team and negotiate sub-contracts for electricians, plumbers, finishing carpenters, and others as required. He agreed to contract on a cost-plus basis.

The next day I started knocking down walls and loft railings with a sledge hammer. I also rented a large dumpster for all of the rubbish. The house looked like a war zone. Aaron hired a subcontractor to scrape all of the popcorn finishing off of the ceiling which made it look like a dump site with dust, rubbish, and wet popcorn plaster all over the floor. Aaron came over several times during these first few days to see how progress was coming along with the demolition so he could start his work in earnest. He was pleased and arranged for his construction team to come in and provide more help with the demolition and carrying the rubbish to the dumpster. Not until this time did we make any rough architect type drawings for the job. We also decided that we were going to do a bit more work on the inside of the house than first imagined and that would require replacing a bearing wall, structural columns, and support beams and flooring for an upstairs bedroom. We also decided that we needed a better set of architectural drawings if we were going to get it through the city for the necessary building permit. I then asked my brother-in-law, an architect in Ft. Collins, Colorado, to come out to Flagstaff, to help me prepare some decent drawings and to make recommendations on the remodeling. We changed all of the upstairs rooms and most of the downstairs. We got rid of one set of stairs leading to the second floor. We opened up the house to where it no longer felt like an old house but one that would feel more like a modern hunting lodge with a lot of openness. Aaron provided some excellent recommendations on the remodeling concepts and made some suggestions as to where we could save some money and where we should increase our spending. Aaron recommended a new furnace that could be installed in the crawl space which would serve the entire house with all of the ductwork out of sight as it should be. The old house had two furnaces, ductwork hanging down from the ceiling, and trying to force the heat down which is not the way physics wants it to be done. We agreed to engage a local furnace sub-contractor who installed a high efficient furnace in the crawl space, ductwork in the downstairs flooring, piping up the fireplace, and registers high on the walls in the upstairs rooms. It works great.

In February 2007, I had to return overseas to a job and so the remodeling was left in the hands of Aaron and my wife. My wife would work daily with Aaron and his crew and they would decide when she should purchase certain materials or agree that Aaron could buy them from local suppliers (HomeCo). We had to finish the job by June 2007 and thus our schedule was relatively tight. Aaron kept a record of all his labor and sub-contractors and would give my wife an invoice on a monthly basis or would request an advance to cover his costs and provide us with regular updates on the status of the funds. We agreed that we would advance him money as and when required because his work to date had been excellent and he was honest and reliable. This worked out well for both Aaron and us as he never had a cash flow problem and we were directly involved in the timing of the work and decision making.

By late May 2007, Aaron was nearly finished with the job and the work was of very high quality. He kept his crews working only when they needed to work. He would hire additional laborers when they were needed to speed up or when the job was more difficult and he needed more manpower. He would rent lift equipment only for the days necessary to lift beams. He scheduled all of his sub-contractors on an "as-required" basis as determined by the progress of the job and all did their jobs very well in meeting the tight construction schedule. He did have some problems plumbers but he but manage to get the job done that included 3 newly remodeled bathrooms, Jacuzzi tub, shower, and new wash basins in all 3 bathrooms.

Our total cost of the remodeling was about $150,000 that included the cost of the materials, new flooring, and new furniture. Barden Home Builder's labor and sub-contractor cost was about $80,000. Aaron completed the job on time and well under budget. If we would have hired any other contractor in Flagstaff at the time, I believe that the total cost would have exceeded $300,000. No other contractor was interested in a cost-plus contract or wanted to work according to our schedule. Additionally, no one seemed to want to work in the winter time. Aaron did and in my opinion, engaging Barden Home Builder's was a great choice. If I was to do it again, I would do it exactly the same way. Hire young entrepreneur types who want to live and work in Flagstaff and you won't go wrong. They will deliver. Thanks Aaron and thanks to your teams for a job well done.

Bill & Taka Menninger

Aaron Richards successfully built a beautiful home for us. The quality of construction is far superior to what other custom homes standards are built to today. The level of engineering, quality of building materials, and fit and finish are tight and extremely well done. I only wish that our other home was built as well as this home.

Not many other home builders in the area wanted to build on the lot that we owned at Stoneman Lake, Arizona. This did not stop Aaron Richards and his team at Barden Home Buidlers. Not only is Stoneman Lake a fair amount of distance from Flagstaff and Camp Verde, but also our lot seemed to provide a great challenge, building on a sloped lot in this location. Aaron Richards was up for the challenge and handled this project like a champ; from building our dream get-away from the ground up, to every step in between, to the final process of giving us the keys to the front door. To truly understand the process and scope of building at Stoneman Lake, our neighbors would continually stop by to kid/suggest that it would take a couple years to build our dream home. Well Aaron put our concerns to the rest and built our dream get-away in less than 6 months. Aaron is a great partner to have in the building process; from working with us to listening and making added suggestions along the way to make this dream even better.

I truly could not have picked a better Home Builder than Aaron Richards of Barden Home Builders.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or my wife at (602) 326-5167 or at with any additional questions.

John & Cathy Brixen

I met Aaron, the General Contractor for Barden Home Builders, by chance and asked him to bid a job to replace the siding on my 4500 SF, two-level house. My house has had many "modifications" over the years, with the oldest structure dating back to the 50's, and the newest to the 80's. So I knew that any remodeling project, including siding, could present some unique challenges.

Although Aaron's bid was very reasonable, I was a little skeptical because he was such a young General Contractor and I was concerned about his experience and ability to handle the kind of challenegesmy house could afford. Also, in my 65 years, I have worked with many contractors and have lots of horror stories I could share, even here in Flagstaff. So, when Aaron's crew showed up on the first day and the eldest looked like he couldn't have been older than 24, I was even more skeptical.

However, as the old cliche goes: "You cannot judge a book by it's cover." It didn't take long to realize that these were some of the hardest working guys I've ever met, exceeded by the quality and professionalism of their work. They were always timely (a very unusual quality for many contractors), worked long, hard hours, including Saturdays and in bad weather, and NEVER complained or displayed a negative attitude. They were polite, well-spoken, and eager to pelase. Before they attempted to resolve several challenges presented by this project, they always asked me how I wanted the job done, and if it didn't meet my expectations, they didn't hesitate to re-do it. They worked at a consistently rapid pace and broke only for lunch. They were very efficient workers and were never distratced from their daily goals.

In the final analysis, they transformed a house that lookied like it should have been demolished into a true work of art. I couldn't be happier with the results and feel like I got far more than my money's worth. There's not a single aspect of the job that needs improvement. I would recommend Aaron and his guys for any building or remodeling challenge with the confidence that the customer would be just as pleased as I am.

Thanks Aaron, Kyle, Tex, Sean, and Taylor for a job well done. You guys are masters!

William Wells

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