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Barden Builders was formed by Aaron Richards in January of 2006. Born to a skilled carpenter and craftsman Harry Richards, Aaron aspired to be a carpenter since the first time he set foot on one of his fathers job sites at the age of 3.

Aaron began working in the residential construction trades in 2000 out of high school while attending college for a degree in construction management. After college, Aaron worked for local construction companies as a framer, leadman, and eventually supervisor before starting Barden Home Builders in 2006. He has also spent 2 years in a hands-on appenticeship program with San Juan Constructors.

The name Barden comes from a long family history on the east coast. Aarons great-great-grandfather founded Bardens Boat Yard in 1927 and the business continues to operate to this day. Jane MacDonald, grand daughter of boat yard founder Fred Barden, has always supported Aarons aspirations and eventually helped him form Barden Home Builders.

Since then, with the advice of his mentors, he has continued to grow and expand Barden Home Builders into a well established, small construction company. With hundreds of projects completed over the last few years, ranging in size from small custom shelving to major home additions, Barden Home Builders is capable of completing any residential construction project on time and beyond your expectations.

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"We never had any problems with employees from Barden Home Builders, they are all a pleasure to work with. Our experience with Barden Home Builders was very pleasant. We got to know the crew very well. They were great with the children and always willing to explain things to them, and having them hel.."


"I met Aaron, the General Contractor for Barden Home Builders, by chance and asked him to bid a job to replace the siding on my 4500 SF, two-level house. My house has had many "modifications" over the years, with the oldest structure dating back to the 50's, and the newest to the 80's. So I knew that.."


Portfolio: Entire Remodel

Entire Remodel

Completed an entire home remodel on this project. Included removing all old walls and drywall and new interior framing. Lots of new features

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